Software Development

Linath Infotech – A One Stop Custom Software Development Company

As a software development company, Linath Infotech provides customised software solutions for Windows and Mobile business formats. The uniqueness of the solutions is extended beyond the functional business aspects because a lot of emphasis is given to the non-functional aspects like maintainability, scalability, platform independence and performance to provide a complete product package to the customer.

Based on our extensive knowledge of business process management, customer relationship management, resource planning and collaboration we can provide the best software solution that makes your business easy to manage and produce results. We can also create stable and high performing network solutions based on Windows that provide the cutting edge to compete with the best in business.

A Custom Software Development Company with a Difference

We take complete responsibility of the software through its entire life cycle, from the stage of conceptualisation, until its implementation and our expertise will enable you derive the following benefits:

  • ROI is increased by sustaining innovation, which in turn reduces Total Cost of Ownership.
  • Giving a unique identity to your product.
  • Reduced conversion time of software from concept to implementation.

Java Software Development

At Linath Infotech, we use the Java application in developing customised software by:

  • Evaluating how it would affect your business needs.
  • Enhancement of your business functionalities by drawing a road map for effective migration.
  • How you can maximise benefits for your business by using Java.

Backed by the expertise of proven development methodologies of Java based technology, we have developed from very simple to complex soft wares for enterprise class applications. Our Java professionals will ensure full compliance with your requirements and timely delivery of the soft ware. If you partner with us, we can assure you of the following benefits:

  • Cost effective solutions
  • Fast customer centric development with high quality.
  • Matured processes and proven development methodologies.
  • Application ability of Java technology with cost advantage.

.NET Software Development

You can use the extensive API set and powerful programming model of the .Net Framework to create the business solutions of your choice using the versatility of the .Net development services and make it work the way you want it. These solutions can be made available on cloud servers or on your preferred device like desktops and smartphones. Take out your time to talk to us and we assure to provide you the best solution for the software that you have been waiting for.

Web Application Development

At Linath Infotech, we have approached the web application development in a holistic way.

  • At the beginning, we take time to understand your business process.
  • Whatever has been discussed and agreed is recreated as a prototype to give a first look.
  • Then you get a feel of the product by making the prototype interactive.
  • Once it is approved by you, we write the codes and then arrange for testing.
  • This will be followed by the launch of the web application that concludes the cycle.