IT Consulting

Boost your Business with Linath Infotech’s Tailor made IT Solutions

A unique blend of technical knowledge and management expertise has enabled Linath Infotech to emerge as a prominent IT consulting company in the field of consulting services related to Information Technology. We are committed in providing end-to-end customised solutions to our clients by maintaining complete transparency in our relationship and assure long-term success through implementation of our solutions that befits the continually changing business environment.

Improving Efficiencies

As Project Management Consultants, we can help you improve efficiencies by:

  • Identifying the unused resources after careful scrutiny of your business process.
  • Providing the best solution for utilising these resources.
  • Applying proven models of business across diverse function.
  • By optimizing the use resources to streamline workflow.

Your business efficiencies are guaranteed to increase by adopting the solutions that we provide.

Managing Next Generation Networks

As an IT Consulting Company, we are aware of the critical aspect of speed to market in any business. Our dedicated team of professionals can provide you with customised solutions to your IT systems starting from design up to the extent of deployment and management of networks that could include fibre networks too.

We can offer you strategic consulting in following areas:

  • Network design
  • Network optimization and management
  • Planning and analysis.
  • Operational support

We can assure you of delivering tangible business results and provide you with the competitive advantage in the continuously evolving business environment.

Data Management

Data assimilation may be easy but it is a challenging job to disseminate useful information from the mountain of collected data and use it meaningfully to leverage the business results. As an IT Consultant, we take up the challenge and help clients to efficiently mange their data, content and information. We have successfully implemented several data management projects for our clients and have provided suitable software solutions to improve the decision making process of business that has contributed significantly to increase efficiencies and have improved turn around time.

Consulting Services For Integration Of Business Process Using IT

If you have diverse business processes, which are driven by several IT systems, we can provide tailor made solutions for integrating these different systems that would enable you to access real time and accurate information that will eliminate duplication of work and enhance work efficiency. This would also bring a lot of transparency into your systems and you can have end-to-end integration across the supply chain domain.

Cost Reduction Modules

As your Project Consultant, we can provide standardized technologies and platforms that will enable you manage business risk better and more efficiently. The service oriented architecture (SOA) capabilities are enhanced by using this service, which also enables shared application infrastructure resulting in:

  • Reduction of overall IT cost.
  • Reuse of asset
  • Reduction of maintenance and development cost.

We will accompany you through out the journey that would help you to align your business processes constantly with your business goals and objectives. We will provide time-tested solutions that would give positive business results.